Prayer is the ultimate act of love.

Maya Soni
1 min readMay 22, 2021

When is the last time someone prayed for you? Odds are, you wouldn’t know.

Most of life consists of some level of manipulation. Be it a lover, an opportunity, or something material — we’re human, and we like to “get” things. And most of the time, we expect to get something in return for any effort we exert.

Prayer doesn’t work that way. Prayer requires effort without the expectation of return. Prayer requires faith. And when you do it for someone else, it’s the ultimate act of love, because it relinquishes control.

Prayer takes any form of personal manipulation out of the equation — it just leaves everything up to the divine.

Sometimes, sitting alone and expressing our deepest wishes to some unknown, unseen, and unconfirmed energy is what takes the most effort. It takes time and honesty to uncover those deepest wishes. It takes vulnerability. And it also requires a deep understanding that beyond praying for our loved one, there isn’t much else we can do for them.

The rest, they’ll have to do.

Until then, I’ll keep praying for you.